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Nc machine tools how to maintenance

2020-06-22 309


Numerical control lathe maintenance at ordinary times

1, every day completes various rail surface clean and smooth, have the initiative of the system of smooth machine to check punctuality, clean smooth system actively, check the oil amount, timely increase smooth oil, check the oil pump is punctual start preview and suspension.

2, check the spindle box every active smooth system operation is normal, punctual smooth oil to replace the spindle box.

3, pay attention to check the electrical cabinet cooling fan is operating normally, air duct filters have without block, clean from the dust.

4, pay attention to check the cooling system, check the liquid level height, increase oil or water, in time to change the clean oil, water is dirty.

5, pay attention to check the spindle drive belt, adjust the tightness.

Article 6, pay attention to view the guide with the tightness, regulate gap.

7, pay attention to check the machine tool hydraulic system pump tank with or without abnormal noise, homework oil level height is appropriate, pressure gauge indication is normal, piping and the joint presence of leaks.

8, pay attention to view the guide rail, machine tool protective cover is useful completely.

9, pay attention to check all the moving parts of mechanical precision, cutting shape and position error.

10, after work every day completes the machine cleaning, cleaning the iron filings, static rail parts of the coolant, avoid guide rust.


Punch in peacetime maintenance

1. According to the request, smooth to the oil hole and sliding some smooth oil injection.

2. Strictly abide by the punch of safe operation request.

3. Make the device should be idle 3 min, a former survey presence of anomalies.

4. When installing a mold, block the power.

5. Job end should wipe job mesa, wipe out the leftover material and sundry, block the power.

6. Finishing homework.