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Nc machining experience

2020-06-22 323


Because of the complexity of the numerical control processing, such as different machine, different materials, different cutting tool, different cutting way, different parameter Settings, etc.), the resolution is engaged in the numerical control processing (processing is still programming) is necessary in the long-term practice of the production process continuously gathering experience.

A, the processing sequence arrangement should be in accordance with what principles?

Processing order arrangement should be based on the structure of the parts and the blank condition, clamping and positioning need to consider, is focused on the workpiece rigid is not damaged. Order shall generally be in accordance with the following principles:

(1) on the whole process does not influence the process of locating and clamping, the center with a universal machine tool processing process should also be comprehensive consideration.

(2) within the first inner cavity machining sequence of shape after processing process.

(3) in the same orientation and clamping method or process to connect to the same knife processing, to reduce repetitive positioning, tool change times and number of moving platen.

(4) in a single device multi-channel working procedure, the workpiece rigid damage small procedure should be arranged.


Second, workpiece clamping method of determine what aspects should be aware of?

When judge locating datum and clamping scheme should be aware of:

(1) to planning, technology, together with the programming calculation of benchmark.

(2) to cut the clamping number as far as possible, as far as possible do it after a positioning can stay out all machining surface.

(3) avoid to choose machine manual adjustment scheme.

(4) fixture to krantz, its positioning, clamping arrangement doesn't affect the processing of feed, such as knock against), encountered such a situation, can be used with vice or bottom smoke to the clamping screw.

Third, how to determine the cutting point comparison is reasonable? What is the contact workpiece coordinate system and programming?

1. Of knife point can be located in processed parts, but pay attention to the cutting point is necessary benchmark or has been processed, sometimes after the first working procedure of the knife point is processing, will cause the second procedure and later don't find the cutting point, therefore in the process of knife pay attention to when in contact with positioning base has a relatively fixed size of setting up a local orientation relative to the knife, so to be able to contact according to the relative position between them back to the original cutting point. The general is located in the machine table relative to the rightness knife bearing or fixture. Its selection principle is as follows:

1) is simple

2) programming lunch

3) the knife error is small

4) process to check the lunchbox

2. The workpiece coordinate system origin of bearing is set by the operator, it at the end of the workpiece clamping, ruled by the knife, it reflects the workpiece and the distance between the machine zero point contact bearing. Once the workpiece coordinate system fixed, generally do not make changes. Workpiece coordinate system and the programming necessary together, both in the processing, the workpiece coordinate system and programming is together.